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2018-03:38 16:9  loop on monitor 

Video work on monitor 


2017-03:46 HD on loop on Plasma monitor 

The work explore the Identity of an Italian/American whose ancestor emigrated

in the early 20th century in search of the American dream

"Turning into dust"

2017-02:21 Video work in HD on loop on Plasma monitor 

The mechanical rhythmic movement of a woman turning a piece of dry earth from her homeland into dust, explores the process of identity erosion



1 channel HD video screen, stereo sound

Cinematic screen

The work explores non-entity, an alien rhythm of shallow movements of fog, which are choreographed by the light source coming in contact with the mist and hence creating the sound. 


"Gentle tears lay upon my feet"​

2012-06'52" 1 channel HD video screen on loop, stereo sound​

Cinematic screen

The bodies act as sculptural objects, confronting the motionless passing time, a sense of human "presence and no-presence" of the past. The living experience through space and time opens an encoded process of values that continually changes and allows an exploration of fixed memories, as they become part of the historical surface of identity in the landscape. The familiar sound of machinery works as an engine encoding the process of human presence in the background, and becomes a meta-narrative of fixed memories during the video. The work demands an unconscious completion by the viewer, confronted with past memories of the landscape, to release hidden substances of the past, where the unconscious accumulated personal experiences become conscious through the cultural material, engaging the spectator in experiencing a performative relation with the video. Through the interaction of the motionless of time, the work exposes the human relation experiences of belonging to a distinct space and time, and they become part of the historical identity of the landscape.

"Mopping my skin" Performance

2011-00:09:50 short clip. Cinematic screen

The physical strength used, and the pain in my mouth from clenching teeth and from the continuous kneeling / squatting whilst cleaning the dust, finds resonance with the sanctuary that is encapsulated in fragmented dust around the space.
By cleaning the residues of dust inside the empty room, there is a physical confrontation with the room (and the institution UAL).

The black clothing and the black bucket are communicating together as two distinguished containers (or bodies of containing fluids), with the bucket collecting the dirt from the floor (the more I washed, the more the water became dirty), and the body pursuing it relentlessly, despite the physical limit with the shadow followed the memories of others .


2015-00:55 HD on loop on Plasma monitor 

The work was filmed in one of the many ghost train stations in the south of Italy “boot heel” where, during the night, (some of them) were occupied by emigrants as a refuge (the so called tomato pickers). The train station is a place of arrival but also one of departure, with many memories attached to it, but also where the memories have been stored.

A cricket chirps, breaking the silence and acting as a guardian and protector of the ghostly station. 

"I know how the birds sing" 2012

1 channel HD video screen, on loop.

sound: mute. Cinematic screen

In a poetic and quiet English countryside, the solitude, daydreams, and thoughts lose their sound. The work takes the metaphoric shape of the human narrative. And as time has always hard-pressed the human concept of Identity and places, the ghostly presence enables the viewer to closely examine its relation with space and places.

"An open door"

2012-04'46" 1 channel HD video screen, stereo sound

A work born with the collaboration of a Palestinian refugee, takes form of a video documentation of his personal life, in a council flat. In this work, I use the camera to digitally re-map memories to re-construct a sense of identity; the discoloured, empty walls appear to fuse a bond with his body and the ripped old shirt. The video opens a door to reconnect memmories and reconstruct the landscape of a sense of place.  

"Removing the crust" Performance/on Monitor

2011-00:25:00 approx (on monitor)

Oporto Portugal

The work was Performed inside an abandoned house, with closed doors to the public. I confroted myself with the solitude of the abandoned house (licking and removing the crust of the wounds), one of the many bare walls of the house showed the imprint of previously hanged pictures of a family that inhabitats the house in the early 50s, before leaving the house abandoned and moving to the USA.

The act of licking the dust unclothed re- united the physical contact between the thin layers of paint and my skin, with the saliva as a language tool that physical mended the fragmented experiences in to the place and space at the time.

"In Silence"


Nokia mobile phone recording (on Monitor) Sound: Mute


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