In my practice, I explore the psychological perception of belonging to a place or space, and how this recalls the historical past and reflects into the present.

Through the definition of what we consider to belong to a place or space and what it makes trigger our sense of belonging, I interact with the material culture bond components and reconnect the sense of (be)longing and historical ethnicity.


My methodology of practice revolves around archeological (places) and anthropological objects, which have lost their original purpose and are often kept as a historical artifact or excavated sites. I am particularly interested in how these objects recreate memories in the viewers, leaving an emotional space between the object and the person, a residue of its senses.


Using sculpture and video/performing as a medium, I aim at constructing the impression of the unseen presence using materials such as human hair or personal belongings.

In the work “1st class tracked and sign for” (collaborative project), we used the baseball cap of a refugee based in Italy and we sent it by 1st class post to the UK to become the material of transit and an art work to be exhibit.

In “Mopping my skin” (performance on camera), I mopped the floor holding the mop in my mouth and performing for several days, diluting the amount of water, until the remainder had a hint of the body with the mop and bucket the only objects of display.